Big Job On

Dawnvale Group
We have been busy bees this week behind the closed doors of the Antrobus Arms getting it ready for Dawnvale ( to get in and start with the specialist, heavy hitting, work.

We met Dawnvale at last years Northern Restaurant & Bar Show in Manchester.  We were impressed with their eye for design, not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also how things should work too.  A pub that looks great is one thing, but it also needs to be able to do what it needs to well. They do a range of styles of venues from big city centre bars right through to private home bars and country pubs.

We know the Antrobus Arms is in safe hands with Dawnvale, we have a lot of faith and confidence that they will provide the community with an outstanding pub.

The well worn carpets coming up & going out!
The next few weeks we will be working with our colleagues at the Antrobus Arms getting drinks lists & menus written, suppliers arranged, colleague training, inductions, recruitment - the list goes on!

There is a lot to be done before reopening, but we are very confident that when we do, we will be ready!

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